Southwestern University’s Brown Symposium XXXIII, entitled Think – Converse – Act: The Salon and Its Histories, celebrates one of the most influential and resilient cultural institutions of the western world: the salon, an essentially egalitarian moderated conversation among individuals from diverse fields and viewpoints concerning contemporary issues. For more information on the speakers and salons that will take place from February 23-25, 2011, click here.

Musiconversations is a project to collect music that represents or interrogates conversation in some way. We are hosting a competition for original compositions in mp3 format, to be submitted by 16 February 2011. The winner of this competition will receive $500. For details on how to enter, please see the Rules.

We are also collecting YouTube submissions of covers of conversational songs. Create a cover and send it our way so we can feature it here on the blog!

Brooke Lyssy graduated from Southwestern University in December 2010 and is planning to attend graduate school for musicology in the fall of 2011.

Prof. Michael Cooper is Professor of Music and Margarett Root Brown Chair in Fine Arts Symposium director, Think — Converse — Act: The Salon and Its Histories (Brown Symposium XXXIII) Southwestern University.


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