Musiconversations on YouTube!

I’ve created a YouTube playlist for ideas about musiconversations — pieces of music that are somehow conversation or “about” conversation — any genre, any style, any time period! (See Brooke Lyssy’s earlier post about the two tracks of this contest.) In the meantime, here’s the playlist URL: ).

The kick-off track, suggested by my good friend and former student Erik Heine, is the “’Round Midnight” track from the Bill Evans Trio’s 1963 album Conversations with Myself, an album that was controversial at the time because it was created by overdubbing three different piano tracks for each song – creating a performance that never actually existed until it was recorded. (Think about the paradox — how can you record something that doesn’t yet exist? — and how it made music-technological history!)

If you have ideas or suggestions for other pieces – any genre, style, or period – that somehow *are* conversation, please  either comment, video respond, or just suggest. There’s no limit, and this is an open conversation – so let’s converse, musically!


About Prof. Michael Cooper

Professor of Music and Margarett Root Brown Chair in Fine Arts; Symposium director, Think -- Converse -- Act: The Salon and Its Histories (Brown Symposium XXXIII) Southwestern University
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